Monday, December 27, 2010

Happyy Holidays!

Hey Everyone!
We just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a great winter break! We hope you had an amazing Christmas! The team is now on a small break, but we're all still planning and having work days whenever we can. Updating the blog has not been as often as we wish because we have all been veryyy busy working on the cars and planning for the race in July. We will soon post pictures for you guys to see all the process we have made!
Well, we all hope you have a happy new year, and enjoy your holiday season!

Here are some updates:
-Solar Knight II is slowly coming together for the race
-The McGill car is coming together as well
-Mr. Phipps had the honor to go to Washington D.C. to receive his presidential award for being an awesome teacher, and had the chance to meet OBAMA! :) He had a blast!
-We will soon get back to work on welding the interior frame for SKIII
-The battery box for SKIII is currently being made by the battery team
-We cant wait for the summer, it's getting pretty cold here in Florida!