Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Busy Week Paid Off

We have been really busy for the past couple of weeks preparing for an awesome opportunity, The 22nd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Auto Show. We had an awesome set-up thanks to a very generous company Regal Show Services that did and outstanding job organizing the Auto Show. 

We met Elliot Wachman at Broward County's Go Solar Fest. He felt like he could help us reaching our goal for this year's race. He along with Cliff Ray invited us to the auto show. As we were setting up we were amazed by the size plot Regal Show Service donated to our team. We had the same surface area as Jaguar, Subaru, and the Lexus LFA. We are so grateful for their help, we are still getting in donations and emails from the many contacts we made at the Fort Lauderdale International Auto Show.
Thank you Elliot and Cliff!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Setting Up

We have been really busy for the past couple of weeks preparing for an awesome opportunity, The 22nd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Auto Show. This event will hopefully bring in many connections and sponsors throughout the automobile industry and the community. This support will help us raise our goal of $30,000 for our upcoming cross-country race this summer, Texas to California. We are the ONLY solar racing team in Florida to participate in a national race in both the high school and university level! 

Please come visit our booth at The Fort Lauderdale International Auto Show 

The show dates and times are: 

Thursday      April  4th        3:00pm      to    10:00pm
Friday          April  5th        3:00pm      to    11:00pm
Saturday      April  6th        10:00am     to    11:00pm
Sunday        Apri l 7th        10:00am     to    8:00pm

Our booth is located by the entrance of HALL A 
 Solar Knight I, this is the car that started it all!
Solar Knight III, the most expensive, the fastest, the most advance!
 Kavita (Freshman) with her parents making sponsor portfolios.
 Some last minute polishing to SKIII.
Our Awesome Display Board! 
We brought our robotics "play pin" to demonstrate team collaboration between South Plantation's Engineering Program, Solar/Robotics.