Thursday, May 2, 2013

El Garage Tv

We would like to give a big thank you to Luis and El Garage Tv
We meet Luis at the Fort Lauderdale Auto Show and said he loved what we did. He then asked if he could come by our school to get a ten minute interview. We were excited to have that awesome opportunity to be interviewed by a television show that broadcasts throughout the world. 

We had David Millar, one of our senior members, get interviewed because of his awesome "TV personality".    
After the interview we took Luis down to the track to give him some footage of the solar car in its natural environment (but at a much small scale). 

David  talking about the cockpit while being filmed. 

David explaining how the solar cells work.

Luis, our film guy from El Garage Tv, taking some shots of the motor controller.

Some of the team putting the array back on to take it to the track.

A short video of Solar Knight III (SKIII) on our school's track.