Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Day Recap


So we're all sitting around now doing our individual tasks. We're going to act as if tomorrow is an actual day of racing so we're all getting our responsibilities in order. We had a pretty good day, minus the minor difficulty we experienced when we noticed that one of the tires in the van was bulging. We changed the tire in 20 minutes and got back on the road. We had a good dinner, including some riddles that challenged our minds. Here are some pictures of the day:


  1. even though i cant be there, ill be following you guys on here :D

  2. Hey, congratulations to all of you!!! Thank you Mr. Phipps and Mrs. Saetta for getting the kids there safely. It's almost time for the starting line!!! Get some rest, have fun and be safe! Good luck Knights! Jinny (Evan's Mom)