Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Couple days, and BACK HOME!

So on the last couple days of racing, we continued to have various issues with our car. We came to the conclusion that it can be a huge challenge to race a new and more advanced car. The race this year was all about learning about our team and solving all the problems that we had. It was very hard at times but we were able to get out on the track and run our car as much as we could. We ran a total of 240 miles! We didn't exactly accomplish the goal we had for our car but it with all of the issues we had we all know we did an amazing job! We are all very proud of our team for being first in the advanced division! :P

Thank you to all other teams who helped us throughout the event and congratulations to the winners!

 Getting ready for the team picture! 

Jessica with cones!  

 Evan and a student from Stony Point helping us figure out what was wrong with our array. 

Ben making sure the array wiring was ok.

SKIII on the track!

Jessica showing our car to Coppell High!

 Our team talking to William Shih!

Jessica and Luis with our Day 3 trophy!

All the teams setting up for the BIG picture!


 Jessica with our 2 day trophies!

Winner's Circle picture! 


All the teams! :) (Pictured by Roddy Parkinson!)

Thank you Dr. Marks for an amazing event!
Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this possible!
and Thank you to everyone else who helped us along the way! :)

Check out for the official race results and more pictures of the event.

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